7th Etam Fashion Show

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Etam is a French lingerie company that is now firmly a part of the French fashion scene. Marie Marsone checks out the brand’s 7th Fashion Show in Paris

Just as with every other year, the Etam fashion show turned all heads during the opening of Fashion Week in Paris on the 25th of February at the Bourse du Commerce. As one of the most anticipated of the catwalk shows of the week, it has a undoubted sensuality about it and is always a meticulously well-prepared spectacle.

This year, no less than 80 models strode the catwalk in light attire to show off the breathtaking lingerie collection of Etam. The promotion of the event was just as well prepared, with a very prominent teaser advertising campaign that revolved around the performance of six internationally-known artists: American singer Eve, New York rapper Azealia Banks, DJ Kavinsky and also Massive Attack, Cassius and DJ Breakbot. The impressive production that involved several motifs, as well as the presence of Natalia Vodianova (who presented her annual collection for the marque) ensures a growing reputation year-on-year that has nothing more to prove and is now serious competition for Victoria’s Secret show in the USA.

Muse Model: Natalia Vodianova graces the promotional poster for the Etam Fashion Show

Muse Model: Natalia Vodianova graces the promotional poster for the Etam Fashion Show

In seven years, the Défilé Etam has become one of the most talked-about events of Paris Fashion Week and attracts the most prestigious celebrities. Orchestrated very much in the brash American style, it features artists and models of the moment and goes for a sound-and-light show with great visual effects, developed in order to highlight the main pieces of the 2014 Collection. Co-director of the Etam Group, Laurent Milchior explains however, that he regards it as a “more authentic” fashion show which also strives to “highlight the craft of the corseterie” of the marque.

Trend event of the year, the show is an un-missable fashion happening, but it also owes a lot to Etam muse Natalia Vodianova. A supermodel with global success, the career trajectory of Vodianova has been meteoric. Her personal story is an endless source of fascination, with its rags-to-riches fairytale of an incredible journey from local markets of Nijni Novgorod in Russia to the catwalks of the world.

Creator of her own line of lingerie since 2009 (“Natalia pour Etam”), she is the embodiment of a finesse and a sensuality that seems to act as catalysts for the media frenzy surrounding the Etam show. Her new collection, created in collaboration with the label, is inspired by Peru, with its ethnic embroideries and motifs that give the slightest of nods to the traditional South American costumes. Pregnant, engaging and radiant, Natalia Vodianova set the catwalk alight as much by her presence as by her creations themselves.

The prestigious event attracted a number of VIPs. Amongst the front row attendees were Catherine Deneuve, French rapper Joeystarr, actresses Elsa Zylberstein, Louise Bourgoin, Emmanuelle Seigner, Mélanie Doutey and Karine Viard, as well as television personality Daphné Bürki and English guitarist Jamie Hince

The fashion show was transmitted live during the Live Show Etam, which feature behind-the-scenes footage and celebrity interviews. You can catch up with show by going to Etam’s website here : http://defile.etam.com/

You can also check out the two videos by Terry Richardson that were shown as a precursor to the main event by clicking on the Etam website here.

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