My France – Arthur Mathews


Comedy Writer Arthur Mathews shares his French experience in Tootlafrance's fortnightly rapid-fire interview.

1. What’s your favourite part of France?



Sun/Warmth/Blue skies! And eating outdoors at night.

3.When was the first time you went there?


4. When was the last time you went there?


5. What’s your favourite French food?

No preference. But nice with wine.

6. How friendly are the locals (out of 10)?

Depends on the ‘local’.

7. What’s the best thing about France?


8. What’s the worst thing about France?

Graffiti. Paris and Nice are ruined by it.

9. Tell me about the first time you went to France.

I went to Paris with my girlfriend in 1997 on the Eurostar. (The best way to go). I was twenty seven, but had never been before.

10. What’s your favourite French word?

Every French word is beautiful. Even merde has a classy ring to it.

11. Who’s your favourite French personality?

Alain Giresse (diminutive footballer)

12. Is there any truth in the notion that French women are particularly attractive?


Arthur Mathews is a well-known author, comedy writer and playwright. He is best known for writing the “Father Ted” series with Graham Linehan and co-writing the comedy musical “I, Keano”.
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