My France – Ian Dempsey


Today FM presenter Ian Dempsey shares his France experience this week with in the rapid-fire interview

1. What’s your favourite part of France?

I spent some magical summer holidays in a place near Chablis called Arcy-Sur-Cure which I believe is the village that gave my colleague Ray D’Arcy his surname. Out of politeness, we visited some local vineyards in the area!

2. Why?

A friend lives there and invited us to visit – I even taught my daughter Aislinn to swim in the pool which is a great achievement for me as a non swimmer.

3. When was the first time you went there?


4. When was the last time you went there?


5. What’s your favourite French food?

I love properly made Rustic French Onion Soup and have mastered it myself. It takes patience to do it right. But well worth it.

6. How friendly are the locals (out of 10)?

7/10 – I find that French people tend to presume that an Irish person is English until you point it out to them. This tends to alter their level of friendliness!

7. What’s the best thing about France?

I love the way everything French is so stylish – from the clothes on their backs to the directness of the French people – they call a bêche a bêche!

8. What’s the worst thing about France?

The way they pretend not to understand you if you don’t speak the lingo.

9. Tell me about the first time you went to France…

In 1986, I spent a couple of weeks with my wife Ger on my honeymoon in Paris and Cannes – what a great time. We have one receipt from a Parisian restaurant which has an ’embarrassment’ of wine bottles on it.

10. What’s your favourite French word?

‘Fenêtre’ was the first French word I discovered as a child and it’s been with me ever since. Beautiful language.

11. Who’s your favourite French personality?

cantona-cosmos-ny-5325bddeca71eEric Cantona is the essence of France. Skilled, Confident, Eccentric, Versatile & Stylish.

12. Is there any truth in the notion that French women/men are particularly attractive?

I think French attractiveness is really no different to any other nation but they exude an extra beauty from within because of their self belief – I also admire the way they protest to the authorities when things don’t seem to be fair – le pouvoir au peuple!!

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