15 Jihadist Suspects Sought over Gourdel


The Algerian justice system is pursuing 15 suspects in relation to the kidnapping and murder of French tourist Hervé Gourdel

Abdelmalek Gouri – also known as Khaled Abou Souleimane, and the head of the Jihadist group Jund al Khalifa is one of 15 people sought by the public prosecution service in relation to the recent abduction and murder of Hervé Gourdel.

All 15 suspects are currently on the run and are believed to have participated in the abduction and murder of the French mountain guide, who was decapitated in Algeria. The leader of Jund al Khalifa, Khaled Abou is amongst those sought by authorities for the “creation of an armed terrorist group”, “hostage taking” and “murder with premeditation”.

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