2016 Franco-Irish Literary Festival Announced


“Food for Thought” is the theme of this year’s 17th Franco-Irish Literary Festival

Now a significant date in Dublin’s annual literary calendar The Franco-Irish Literary Festival, held in Dublin, is preparing for its seventeenth edition and continuing the tradition that led to Dublin’s nomination as a UNESCO
City of Literature.

The event will take place in Dublin Castle/Castle Hall on 9th, and in the Alliance Française on 8th and 10th of April 2016.

Since 2000, the Festival has had as its goal the development and strengthening of the links between Ireland and France. A showcase for the artists involved, the Festival also offers an Irish audience the opportunity to discover our French writers.

The Festival is organised by the Alliance Française Dublin and the Cultural and Scientific Service of the French Embassy. The Festival also has the invaluable support of The Arts Council, Foras Na Gaeilge, Poetry Ireland, Ireland Literature Exchange, Irish Writers’ Centre, the relevant French and Irish companies and in particular the French
Laboratory Servier Monde and the company CRH, the media and of course the academic members of the Festival Committee.

Some of the crowd at last year's festival

Some of the crowd at last year’s festival

The Festival’s aim is to broaden and enhance the long-standing friendship that exists between Ireland, France and other French-speaking countries of the world. It helps to enrich our knowledge of our respective literatures and writers through various events organised around the main theme.

Two major approaches are favoured for this latest edition of the festival. On the one hand, the interaction between writers and their audiences through round-table discussions which have proved in the past to be interesting and engaging events. Indeed, in an informal setting writers from different cultures, with different languages, can exchange experiences and ideas. On the other hand, education, through a special day dedicated to school and
university visits, raises awareness among young readers. Readings will also take place to complete the experience.

The popular Literary Brunch will take place once again in the Alliance Française on Sunday morning to close the Festival.

It is important to underline that the considerable success enjoyed by this Festival, from the viewpoint of visiting writers and public alike, would not be possible without the unfailing support of the media and their extensive coverage of the events and writers invited to the Festival.


The 2016 Festival

Contributing to the convivial atmosphere of the event and reflecting the new era that is opening with the new format of this 17th edition of the festival, Dublin Castle (Castle Hall) is the venue for the Festival on Saturday, and the Sunday brunch will take place in the Alliance Française.

Twelve writers are invited. These writers have been chosen in close co-operation with our Irish partners, together with the other members of our panel representing the Irish universities and the press.

This edition intends to increase and diversify our audience with two major approaches:

1. Interaction between writers and audience
Round-table discussions have proved in the past to be interesting and engaging events. Indeed, in an informal setting writers from different cultures, with different languages, can exchange experiences and ideas. To complete the experience, readings will also take place (in Irish language included).

2. Promoting the festival amongst the younger generation
This year, the festival puts the emphasis on education thanks to a special day dedicated to visits in schools and universities, on Friday 8th April. Writers will visit the young audiences and join discussions with them in order to raise awareness among future readers. This edition intends to increase and diversify our audience, aiming to engage
young people through this special day and a new, more interactive format.

Special events for 2016:

  • A culinary show presented by a French writer and artist (This session will make
    the festival livelier and more attractive for the younger members of the public
    interested in live performances and visual art).
  • A reading with audio-visual elements presented by Noëlle Châtelet for the text
    and photographs and Géraldine Laurent, saxophonist, for the music.
    Panel discussion to the digital innovations in the publishing sector, particularly
    interesting for recipes books and culinary novels.

The Festival opens to the public on Saturday 9 April at 10.30am. (click on the link below for a full festival programme) FOLF 2016 Programme

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