Cannes 2014 – Day 6


At the evening premiers of “Foxcatcher” and David Cronenburg’s vicious anti-Hollywood satire “Maps to the Stars”, there was sufficient wind to catch the dresses of the attendant ladies, creating plenty of photo-opportunity moments. Indeed, the styles got more daring from the female representatives, with plenty of plunging necklines and faux transparency on offer. It was an opportune time for another red-carpet invasion – this time by a topless model, wearing carelessly-applied lipstick, some “fragile” packing tape for underwear and one shoe. It took a while for her to be moved on. The security people seemed reluctant to tackle her, which was understandable when you see the pictures (below).

The big news relating to cinema and to Cannes yesterday was that lawyers for Dominique Strauss-Kahn have announced that they will be filing a law suit “within a few days” for defamation of character against Abel Ferrara’s “Welcome to New York”.

The film starring Gérard Depardieu had its premier on Saturday night on the margins of the festival and has caused a furore, with accusations of anti-Semitism from various sources, including DSK’s ex-wife Anne Sinclair, who labelled the story as being “clearly anti-Semitic”.

Its producers maintain that it’s a “fictionalized account” of the infamous events of 2011, when DSK was accused of a sexual assault on a chamber-maid in New York hotel. In the film, the sexual assault actually takes place and those who accuse the film of anti-Semitism say that the storyline makes much of Simone Devereaux’s (a fictional character based on Anne Sinclair) lust for money and her Jewish heritage, which “infects” DSK.

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