Film: “The Dictator” Sighted Off Shore at Cannes


Flamboyant star of "The Dictator" turns heads on opening day of Cannes

Nobody does promotional photo calls quite like Sacha Baron Cohen.

He started the morning on an offshore yacht, where he frolicked with a young lady overlooked by armed guards, until his pneumatic female companion (supermodel Elisabetta Canalis) overstepped the mark and had to be disposed of.

At 10:30, he showed up on the steps of the landmark Carlton Hotel in the summer sunshine, riding a camel and accompanied by an entourage of fetching armed guards.

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Admiral General Aladeen and supermodel Elisabetta Canalis spotted on a luxury yacht at Hotel Du Cap during 65th

1 Reply to “Film: “The Dictator” Sighted Off Shore at Cannes”

  1. JohnP says:

    Funny, I was just thinking of that outrageous luminous swimsuit he wore at Cannes for Borat – he certainly knows how to stir up the media!

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