Gay Marriage Bedding into French Society


After huge public debate last year (that included an anti-gay-marriage protest march in Paris of an estimated million people), the Mariage Pour Tous bill was brought into law in the French Republic.

Out of 238,000 marriages in total in France in 2013, about 7,000 of them were unions between people of the same gender. The law of 17th of May 2013 also opened the door allowing same-sex couples to adopt children and official statistics show that male unions were in the majority at a proportion of 3:2.

In Holland, gay marriages represented 3% of the total number of marriages during the first year of the introduction of their same-sex-marriage bill, whilst in Spain, the figure was 2%.

In France, meanwhile, the figure is higher at 4% of all marriages. This is only counting from June to December, so it seems that there was something of dam-burst of couples waiting to make their relationship a married one.

Statistics also showed that the average age of the gay married couple was higher than that of the conventional marriages.

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