2013 a Vintage Year for France’s Royals


Monegasque Royal Family look lack on a positive 2013 that was happily devoid of tragedy and scandal

Too often, the Grimaldi story is one that is associated with unhappiness and tragedy. The famous marriage of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly was said to have become no more than joyless association before Princess Grace died in a car accident in 1982.

Her eldest daughter Caroline was once divorced before marrying millionaire Italian powerboat racer Stefano Casiraghi, with whom she had three children before his untimely death in 1990 in a powerboat accident.

Caroline’s younger sister Stéphanie was married and divorced twice, while current prince Albert’s marriage came under public attack just before the ceremony, when rumours of infidelities were rife in the media.

Many of these instances give credence to the notion of the so-called “Grimaldi Curse”. Legend has it that it goes back to the 13th century when a witch put a curse on the royal family of Monaco; one that would ensure that “never will a Grimaldi find true happiness in marriage” and given the string of failed unions and unhappiness, it seems to have come true.

But could the fortunes of the Grimaldis be turning for the better?

A quick look back at 2013 would appear to say YES! Caroline’s son Andrea Casiraghi brought her the first grandson Sacha, who was born in March in London. Andrea then sealed the deal on the 31st of August with a royal wedding to his girlfriend Tatiana Santo Domingo in the Royal Palace in Monaco.

A week before Christmas, another grandson Raphaël was born: this time to Charlotte Casiraghi and her companion the well-known actor Gad Elmaleh – THE darling couple of the French media in 2013.

For the rest of the Grimaldi family, it was all sunny headlines of love, life and happiness, fund-raising for good causes and family celebrations, with all notions of curses far away. Here’s hoping that 2014 will be just as good.

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