“Mister Puma” Surfs the Parisian Metro


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Il se jette sur le toit du métro parisien by 20Minutes

Having filmed himself jumping onto the roof of a moving underground train, this 38-year-old then congratulates himself on camera

The unnamed daredevil released a video posted on YouTube six days ago that was filmed a week previously shows a man doing a running jump from a foot bridge and landing on the roof of a moving métro near Barbès station in the 18th arrondissment of Paris.

After the exploit, the man – known as Mister Puma – is clearly proud of his achievement: “Right! It didn’t go exactly as planned, but I did it and I’m alive!” So says Monsieur Puma to camera, before indicating that there will be further attempts at this dangerous activity: “So I can see some things that need improving… it’ll have to be done again.”

The video has started to go viral abroad, particularly in Greece and in the United Kingdom, with many visits being recorded also on his Facebook page. The stunt-man trainer is adept in martial arts and acrobatics but he says that this is the first time he’s jumped onto a moving métro train: “I’ve been thinking about it for several months,” he says. “When I felt the moment was right, I jumped… Obviously after a week of observation and calculations… I wanted to land on my stomach. I had planned to slide if I landed feet first. That’s why I jumped more towards the front of the train than the back of it.”

The risks of falling onto the rails and getting seriously injured, or indeed killed, are very real, but for now, the Parisian thrill-seeker says that he not had suffered any accident from his various exploits: “Either I’m extremely lucky or I calculate my moves very carefully,” he analyses.

Apart from the considerable physical risks he takes, there are also major legal ones to consider if he does get caught: “That hasn’t happened so far,” he acknowledges. “So I don’t know exactly what penalties might be imposed.”

What is certain is that he is determined to relive the same exploit later: “given a sufficient time lapse for the RATP (Paris transport authority) to forget about me, because they must have it in for me at the moment.”

Mister Puma has promised that there will be a scene on the roof of the métro the next time and that it will be “better filmed” than the previous effort. As for the RATP, they preferred “not to the comment on this event.”

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