New-look French Football Jersey


Latest French football jersey breaks with tradition.

The new strip for the French soccer team was unveiled today on the Internet. It’s a jersey that catches the eye with its dominant sky blue.

The overall design of the jersey remains unchanged. What does strike you however, is the colour: it’s the first time in fact that sky blue has been used in the history of team strips of the national French football side. Another point of note is the tricoloured collar at the end of the sleeves. This latter detail is not new and was last seen on French soccer jerseys during the 1970s – a particularly barren period in French soccer that many football fans in France would prefer to forget. The national squad qualified neither for the World Cup in Mexico in 1970 nor the European Championships in Belgium in 1972. Many French soccer fans will be hoping that this throwback from a fruitless era won’t put the hex on their country’s qualification campaign for Brazil 2014.

The new strip will get its début outing on the 6th of February next at the Stade de France when the French face the Germans in a friendly.

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