New Weekly Newspaper for France


In this day and age, it sounds like one hell of a gamble to launch a new printed publication, but former Le Monde director Eric Fottorino believes that the printed media hasn’t had it’s last say just yet

On the 9th of April next, Eric Fottorino will launch “Le 1” – a weekly newspaper of ideas in a “tight” and “innovative” format, which will deal with one big news theme by way of insight from writers, researchers or artists in order to “understand and feel the coming world,” he announced to AFP.

“In this era of fragmentation of news, there is a need to give back feeling, the wish to discover and to return to unity,” said 53-year-old Fottorino, who is a journalist and author of several award-winning books, in explaining his unusual position. “I believe that print media, which is suffering in terms of its content, has not had its final word. It’s a question of supply.

“Every Wednesday, there will be just one subject looked at from several perspectives. I have assembled a team of six or seven young people, including a statistician, a philosopher, an anthropologist, etc. who will interrogate reality” in order to “better understand and feel the coming world.”

A French revolution for the print media or an exercise in national naval-gazing that nobody will buy into? The Irish media would do well to keep a close eye on the fortunes of this one…

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