Once-off French Vinyl Bazaar, Alliance Française, Dublin



In case you hadn’t noticed, tomorrow (Thursday 23rd of June) is World Music Day. In France, where it all started as the Fête de la Musique, it’s taken a lot more seriously than it is in Ireland.

The Alliance Française in Dublin will be killing two birds with the one musical stone for the day that’s in it and it’s something that anyone interested in broadening their musical collection should be very interested in, particularly if you’re a Francophile of any degree.

They will be holding a huge French Record Fair – a truly unique event of the kind never seen before or to be seen in the future. The vaults of the AF contain over 1,000 original pressings of French vinyls. According to cultural centre, the Alliance collection covers a wide-ranging gamut of tastes, including 60’s yéyé, pop, rock, chanson, new wave, electro, folk / trad, jazz, operetta, audio plays, classical and contemporary music. There will be much there for collectors too, with plenty of rarities and oddities in 7″, 10″ and LP formats.

The fair will also include a music quiz and blind test entertainment, with French food and wine for sale on the night too.

Admission is free and it all takes place at 6:30pm tomorrow night at the Alliance Française in Dublin, 1 Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

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