Paradis and Chedid Voted “Hottest Adulterous Couple”


Just good friends? Vanessa & Matthieu pictured at a recent TV appearance on "Le Grand Journal"

Sultry singer Vanessa Paradis and her close friend and fellow singer Matthieu Chedid have been voted the “Hottest Adulterous Couple” by libertine French website The site helps couples who want extra-marital adventures to find their true loves in a discreet online manner.

The result of the poll came as a surprise to many who might have expected the winning couple to have been either one of the much publicised rencontres of Kirsten Stewart and Rupert Sanders or even of Paradis’ ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp and actress Amber Heard.

Neither the heartache of poor Robert Pattinson (so cruelly cuckolded by Kirsten Stewart) nor the love travails of Liberty Rosse (betrayed wife of Rupert Sanders) were able to match Vanessa and Matthieu. For 41% of the 3,300 members of the lovers of online infidelity, it was the presumed liaison of the two French stars that set the sizzling bar for the year just gone.

It was, perhaps, the apparent discretion of the event of the summer that got Firstaffair subscribers so flushed with admiration.

The eyes have it: Johnny & Vanessa went their separate ways after 14 years together.

The eyes have it: Johnny & Vanessa went their separate ways after 14 years together.

Although many observers accept it as fact, there was never a confirmation from either party. 40-year-old Vanessa Paradis – who will be most famously associated in Ireland with her hit single “Joe le Taxi” at the age of 14 and who was last seen in sparkling form on the big screen in the film “Heartbreaker” with Romain Duris – has always been most discreet about her love life. Since her split from American actor Johnny Depp after 14 years and two children, she has only spoken of her relationship with Chedid in terms of a friendship which has grown stronger as a result of their numerous musical collaborations.

Sounds like they make beautiful music together.

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