Paris Gunman in Custody – Linked to Infamous 1994 Case


Abdelhakim Dekhar is no stranger to police, having been imprisoned for his part in a brutal case from 1994, in which a young couple from well-to-families went on the rampage in Paris, leaving five dead including three police officers

The Rey-Maupin case shocked France, when two young people went on a Bonny-and-Clyde-style killing spree across central Paris. After killing three police officers and a taxi driver in two shoot-outs, Audrey Maupin died from gunshot wounds and his girlfriend Audrey Rey surrendered to police.

She was sentenced to 20 years in prison and was released June 2009, after serving 15 years.

Still from security camera footage of Abdelhakim Dekhar

Still from security camera footage of Abdelhakim Dekhar

The man arrested yesterday in Paris on foot of video surveillance evidence backed up by DNA data received a four-year sentence for his part in the Rey-Maupin case, after being convicted of buying one of the guns used by the couple in the shoot-outs.

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