Siblu Launches “Hand-Pick Your Holiday Home”


New accommodation option gives families more power to find the pitch that’s just right for them

It’s an age-old problem for families on their summer caravan holiday – you’ve booked your accommodation type but will you get the pitch you want?

The results can put a dampener on any break, leaving families with a shady pitch when they wanted sunshine, somewhere quiet when the kids prefer to be close to the pool, or on the opposite side of the park to the friends they travelled with.

Now France specialist Siblu Villages ( has launched ‘hand-pick your holiday home’ – a new service that lets families search and book holiday homes on an individual basis, helping find the accommodation that’s just right for them.

It’s one of those simple ideas that makes you wonder why someone didn’t think of it before.

For parents travelling in busy school holiday periods, the ability to hand-pick brings lots of benefits.

They can search and find holiday homes using an interactive map to check location. Sun lovers can choose a sunny pitch while those who want to escape the heat can select somewhere shady.

If children flit between the pools and kids clubs, pick a pitch that is close to facilities rather than a quiet spot on the edge of the holiday village.

Families travelling with friends can now book two holiday homes located close together.

Search with siblu’s filter to find holiday homes with added options such as a covered or gated terrace, a dishwasher, TV or DVD player.

Siblu Marketing Manager Muireann Larré-Larrouy (an Irishwoman based in SW France) says:

“Holiday parks’ standard practice of allocating a holiday home on arrival can be so frustrating for families.

“With ‘hand-pick your holiday home’, we are offering a fabulous alternative – no longer do families have to run the risk of being on the opposite side of the village to the friends they booked with, having a shady pitch when they wanted to bask in the sun, or trekking the kids back and forth to the pool when a pitch close by would have made life so much easier.”

‘Hand-pick your holiday home’ is available at all 14 of Siblu’s holiday villages, go online at to take part. Prices start from €599 based on a seven-night stay from 20 June for four people at siblu’s Les Charmettes holiday village on the coast in Charente Maritime.

Siblu has owned and operated holiday villages across France for more than 35 years. Today, Siblu has 14 villages in Normandy, the Loire Valley, southern Brittany, along the Atlantic coast and along the Mediterranean coast. Most Siblu holiday villages are open to holidaymakers from May half term to mid September. Every high quality holiday village features life-guarded pools, children’s clubs, a wide variety of sports and evening entertainment. In 2014, Siblu won a silver award at the British Travel Awards in the category of best camping and mobile home company.

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