With the “CSI” of Paris


The comparisons with the hit American television series CSI makes those who deal with the real thing smile somewhat:

“Unlike those guys, we don’t solve a crime in 52 minutes!” So says one of the engineers in the Laboratoire Central de la Préfecture de Police de Paris, or the LCPP for short. “We need a bit more time!” It’s as close as one can get in France to hit American series of series where laboratories populated with beautiful people solve crimes through scientific nous.

The 170 scientists and the three dozen or so bomb disposal experts attached to the service, intervene every day within the Paris city limits to analyse the sites of fires, explosions or chemical contaminations and to neutralize suspect parcels.

Their regular brief includes the analysis (under judicial order) of almost 1,000 fires, 50% of all suspect powders received in France and look after almost 1,800 bomb disposal missions per year.

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