Markets: Limousin – Limoges


When a lot of people in Ireland think “Limousin“, they they think of the famous breed of cattle that were first brought to Ireland over 40 years ago.

This south-central department is indeed the home of the famous bovines but it’s also a relatively undiscovered and truly beautiful corner of France. Its capital Limoges is famous for its enamelling business and counts a huge number of markets within its walls, with two covered markets and various open ones.

Daily Markets (07:00 to 13:00 from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive):

– Place Haute Vienne; all food products, as well as fresh flowers
– Place des Carmes; food products and fresh flowers
– Place des Bancs; food and fresh flowers

Weekly Markets (07:00 to 13:00)

– Tuesday; Vigenal (all products), La Bastide (food only)

– Wednesday; Pont Saint-Martial (all products), Rue des Portes Ferrées (all products), Val de l’Aurence Avenue du Président Vincent Auriol (all products except food)

– Thursday; La Bastide (all produce), Corgnac (all products), Les Longes (market gardening)

– Friday; Beaubreuil (all products, with an emphasis on exotic produce)

– Saturday; Place Marceau (all produce)

– Sunday; Landouge (all produce)

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