Markets: Lot – St Cirq Lapopie


Officially, this little village situated high over the River Lot has a population of just 220 but on just about any day in summer, you’ll probably find it filled to brim with literally thousands of visitors.

The best time to see it is on a fine day in mid-autumn, while there’s still some heat in the sun and the main tourist season is over.

Back in 2012, this truly gorgeous village was voted France’s Favourite Village in a popular television show and everyone across France has been trying to discover it for themselves.

Every Wednesday at the Place Sombral, the market at St Cyr Lapopie takes place. It’s not a morning market but an evening one, going from 16:00 to 20:00.

The ecclectic mixutre consists of 17 producers, selling a mouth-watering selection of goat’s and sheep’s cheese, foie gras, dark Cahors wine, vin de pays of the Lot, regional meats, lamb, beef, fowl, eggs bread, pastis and various patisseries from the locale, as well as jams, syrups, honey, spiced bread, aperitifs, fruit and vegetables (including Quercy safran). Musicians provide a pleasant live soundtrack on Rue Lotois.

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