Arcachon: Oyster Haven
An Irishman who’s never had an oyster faces his fears in a setting of bright long beaches and 19th-century winter retreats

Disneyland Paris Vs Parc Astérix takes a look at two of the most important and well-known theme parks that are both located about 40km from central Paris

A Taste of Life on the Canal du Midi
The Douce France of old is alive and well – you just need to slow down your mode of transport

An Evening in Arles spends an evening in a beautiful and historical town in the company of Vincent Van Gogh and Jeanne Calment

St Jean de Luz – Leading Light in the South-West
The Basque town is en fête and goes to see what it’s all about

Market Guide: Alpes Maritimes – Nice
Tootlafrance checks out one of France’s most colourful markets in one of its most colourful cities.

Market Guide: Brittany – Marché des Lices, Rennes
Tootlafrance visits France’s 390-year-old “2nd Food Market” in Rennes

Oradour-Sur-Glane: A Unique Reminder
An entire village turned into a place of mourning may sound like somewhere to be avoided on your holidays, but the village martyrisé of Oradour-sur-Glane is a place that’s not to be missed if you happen to find yourself anywhere near it.

Market Guide: Midi-Pyrénées – Toulouse
Tootlafrance visits the renowned Victor Hugo market in the Ville Rose

Nantes – City of Light
Tootlafrance looks at how Nantes’ spirit of innovation sets it apart in France and in Europe

Travel/Heavenly Hotels: Château de Sanse
In the second of our series featuring on some of France’s top hotels, we take a look at a jewel in the heart of the Girondin countryside

The “Black City” is Really All Heart
You can easily get lost in the rhythm of French life in a central city like Clermont-Ferrand

Cannes – A View from the Top
Getting a taste of the high life as the 65th Film Festival kicks off

Heavenly Hotel – The Martinez Hotel
Our new series kicks off with one of Cannes premier palaces

The Rodin Museum – An Oasis in Central Paris
Discover why the famous sculpture’s museum is Parisians’ favourite

Monet’s English Country Gardener catches up with Giverny’s General

Moulin Rouge Lives!
Contrary to what some people might think, the Moulin Rouge does exist!

The Aires of the Autoroute Make Driving in France a Pleasure
Great System of Well-Maintained Pit-stops on French Motorways

Surviving Paris
A few tips on getting the most out of the splendours of the French capital

Bouquinistes of the Seine – a Cultural Institute as Parisian as the Eiffel Tower
After 400 years selling books in the heart of Paris, the bouquinistes are showing no signs of disappearing just yet.

St Malo – Magnificent Bastion, Magnificent Beach
Experience Brittany at its Mediaeval Best.

All Aboard! and On Your Bike!
An Irish family checks out the pleasures of cycling en famille on a stretch of Norman railway line.

France’s Green Venice
While many Irish families love the Vendée coast, the department’s inland waterways are sure to delight too.

Just What is Futuroscope?
An Irish Family goes back to the future somewhere in France…

Après-Ski for Beginners
Michael Barry needs a strong dose of Après-ski to get down the mountain

    Alpine Dreams

(Conor Power goes for a husky ride in the French Alps with his family)

(Conor Power sings the praises of an island whose star has risen)