Trends for Winter 2013-14


2014 is launched! Whist the catwalks of the last Fashion Week have given us the first indications of the trends for the year, here is a little look at the Parisian inspirations of the moment…


From the student’s point of view, there is a very varied range: in the university lecture halls, the possibilities are endless and it shows! There’s a tendency towards the more relaxed look (streetwear) while still keeping it chic.

The main trend of 2014 fits neatly into this category: The sporty chic look which strikes the perfect balance between comfort and elegance. Soft pliable and delicate materials with plenty of arching in cuts that are close to the body. It’s out with the oversized sweatshirt and in with the light sweatshirt with three-quarter length sleeves in nude colours (powdered pink, beige, light grey).

The rock-chick look is still in vogue. The essentials include a base of femininity in the wardrobe. In leather or in material, it fits well with various different styles and enhances the romantic looks (associated with lace, for example) or the casual-chic look. More feminine than motorcycle boots, suede shoes or boots offer a perfect harmony.

For winter, the coastal loose knit look; heavy woolly jumpers work well with figure-hugging trousers. Tops that are small, soft, light and silky made from cashmere or angora wool remain basics for a refined and comfortable look.

Once you start work in an office environment, there are often more constraints with regard to your wardrobe and a certain dress code to observe, but that that shouldn’t stop you from being some way inventive…

The working girl has arched outfits in rather cold colours, often composed of basic clothing that’s elegant but classic in style. But it doesn’t mean that outfits are uniforms. The possibilities with accessories are numerous. You can play around a lot with leather or suede bags with modern lines. The Bordeaux blue and the night blue or navy blue are the ideal colours of the year so as not to appear dull while remaining sober, so to speak. The diversity of material (mesh, leather, suede, wool, silk) allows you to follow the trends of the moment while keeping the classic charm. Finally, modern cuts that are sometimes slightly de-constructed bring a touch of originality without going over the top.

Next to the arched two-tone jackets, another trend kept over from last year is the oversized overcoat. If the parkas and faux-fur hoodies are also very popular, the materials (wool or leather sleeves) give a touch of contrast and refinement to the look. The puffa jacket is no longer cutting the groove but you now find a lot of gorgeous quilted jackets, not too thick, arched and in mostly cool colours for the rainy days.

Colours and Prints

radiant orchidJust like every year since 2000, the colour kings at Pantone have unveiled their colour of the year, inspired by the fashions shows and artistic trends. This keystone colour often sets the tone for collections; just as much for prêt-à-porter as for decorative objects and accessories.

For 2014, the chosen tone is Radiant Orchid 18-3224. Although it’s a difficult one to use in an entire look, it will probably be an important colour for accessories and make-up this year and will bring a pretty touch of Spring to everyday outfits. Nail varnish, lipstick and even glasses are all conduits for integrating Radiant Orchid into a classic look without turning into a Barbie doll!

Finally, on the print side of things, the inspirations of 2014 will take on timeless qualities as well as a touch of originality. The arty prints – inspired by contemporary art – will take pride of place and will assume aspects that are more painterly and sketchy. The black-and-white print trend remains a basic of the season with their clean modern lines. With regard to colours, folksy collections using Aztec prints will work beautifully alongside basics to lend character to everyday outfits.

Each to their own style!

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