My France – Lorraine Keane


Lorraine Keane talks about her France in's rapid-fire interview.

    1. What’s your favourite part of France?

I love it all. I often say if I was told I had to jump out of an aeroplane, I would ask the pilot to fly to France, because no matter where I landed it would be lovely. Although the Languedoc-Roussillon region is extra special for me.


It is the South of France but it is still relatively unspoilt tourist-wise. Authentic French countryside, on the coast and surrounded by vineyards. Formidable!

    3.When was the first time you went there?

We discovered the region six or seven years ago

    4. When was the last time you went there?

We were there last Summer.

    5. What’s your favourite French food?

The list is endless….On holidays we just choose the Menu du Jour or the Plat de Jour because we know it will be fresh and home-made. I usually eat far too much Baguette, Quiche, Tarte Tatin while I’m there and avoid the weighing scales until October.

    6. How friendly are the locals (out of 10)?

The locals are very warm, friendly and laid-back. It makes a difference if you attempt to speak in French because there are not many English speakers in the region. They really appreciate any effort at all.

    7. What’s the best thing about France?

The food, the wine, the climate, the style…

    8. What’s the worst thing about France?

The strikes!

    9. Tell me about the first time you went to France.

I was very young….maybe 5 or 6 years old. My parents brought us camping in the Languedoc region. Then I went to Paris to visit t’antie Lizzie at 18 and my real love affair with France began. Everything was so ‘chic’. Paris – and t’antie Lizzie – had a huge influence on me. It’s still my favourite city in the world.

    10. What’s your favourite French word?

Ça Suffit! I find it the word I use most with my children. I love the French language. I think it is the most beautiful language of all. That is why I chose to send my children to the French Lycée in Dublin.

    11. Who’s your favourite French personality?

Coco Chanel – for her style, her determination and her achievements. I admire the classic beauty of Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuel Béart’s natural beauty and Brigitte Bardot‘s iconic sex appeal.

    12. Is there any truth in the notion that French women are particularly attractive?

French people have an innate style; they are born that way. They know how to dress, what to wear and most importantly how to wear it. They wear it well, with pride. They take care of their appearance. Even the men are groomed without being overly so. There is no-where like Paris for people watching.

Lorraine Keane is a well-known actress, broadcaster and author. Formerly presenter of TV3 fashion show ‘Xposé’, she is a columnist with the Sunday World Magazine.
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