My France – Camille O’Sullivan


Sultry Franco-Irish singer extraordinaire Camille O’Sullivan features this week in Tootlafrance’s rapid-fire interview

1. What’s your favourite part of France?
South of France-Bordeaux

2. Why?
It is where my mother is from

3. When was the first time you went there?
When I was probably a few months old!

4. When was the last time you went there?

Four years ago

5. What’s your favourite French food?
I adored my French grandmothers home cooking ,but anything from the patisseries there- they really know to to bake, king of baking!

6. How friendly are the locals (out of 10)?
In her neighbourhood, a delightful 8

7. What’s the best thing about France?
Wonderful history, Roman influence, classical architecture, stunning landscape, warm weather, wine, the food is incredible- very proud nation. My mum had map of the world given to her by my dad with France on it. All the other countries were written but not France. Not France, Not France! I think that sums up the French quite well!

8. What’s the worst thing about France?
Sometimes snobbish but I suppose we can be too and, in some parts, stand-offish and rude, but only really found that in the capital. Most of the French outside of Paris feel that too.

9. Tell me about the first time you went to France…
Well I wouldn’t remember when I was a few months old, but I remember following my grandmother around the food markets smelling and touching vegetables to see if they were the best. Amazing evenings eating for hours with a dozen family members who lived near by, incredible marathon courses for Christmas dinner, lots of things centred around the kitchen table: eating, drinking good wine.

10. What’s your favourite French word?

11. Who’s your favourite French personality?

Becassine  with her pram  - originally drawn in 1905

Becassine with her pram – originally drawn in 1905

Beccasine. An old cartoon character I loved reading about this young Breton girl. Loved her name.

12. Is there any truth in the notion that French women/men are particularly attractive?
I think that certain French dress very well and take great care of their appearance. It really matters to them.


See more about Camille O’Sullivan; information and upcoming tours by clicking here.

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