99-Year-Old Record-Breaker


It will be difficult to find a better example all year for the notion that it’s never too late to start dreaming

99-year-old Jean Leemput from Creil in the Oise department (north of Paris) showed them all how it’s done by setting a world record in swimming at the Picardie swimming championships in February.

Last weekend, he repeated the exploit at the French Masters swimming event in Paris.

“The result is that Jean Leemput has set two new world records in the backstroke at 50m and 100m!” So said his excited coach Philippe Fort. Leemput is in a rare category – that of of the 100-104 age group – but he still managed to see of all other competitors and take three more national French titles, including the relay, which he completed with another vintage French swimmer Ms Vincelette Audoin (70).

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