Bungling Burglar Found Asleep on the Job


A would-be supermarket burglar ran into some difficulty thanks to a simple precaution by the manager

As fiascos go, it was a classic. In the town of Lambersart (a suburb of Lille in the Nord, close to the Belgian border), the crooks turned around and ran before they could even set foot in the shop that they wanted to rob. According to local paper La Voix du Nord, one of the unsuccessful pink panthers managed to fall asleep in front of the main entrance door.

A 5am, the junior manager of the supermarket receives a worrying text from his boss: “Be careful. You might get a break-in attempt.” The manager had seen a man with a balaclava in the car park the evening before. The employee decided to take the precaution, therefore, of leaving the doors closed when he opened up. He would only open them when a customer showed up.

The simple precaution worked. At about 7am, he hears a loud thump. Hurrying to the main door, he discovers a man prostrate and unconscious in front of the door – dressed in black with a balaclava on his head and a gun in his hand. The failed criminal had run straight into the closed glass door, believing it to be open. Dazed, the man gets up and immediately turns tail and runs away with his accomplice. No arrests were made.

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