Cannes 2014 – Day 3


Apart from the real business of competition at Cannes, with the world’s eyes focused on the giant gig, it’s a good opportunity for some of the Hollywood big money films to do a world premier.

A good old-fashioned red-carpet invasion livened up the premier of “How to Train your Dragon 2” this evening. What precisely the man in question was planning to do is anyone’s guess because he never got the time to so much as photo-bomb the assembled stars of the animated film, thanks to the lightning-fast response from the security ring. He seemed to attempt to take refuge under a voluminous dress of one of the invitees but he was clearly not an expert at hide-and-seek and was easily spotted and subsequently removed from the scene to rapturous applause from the milling crowd of onlookers.

As ever at Cannes, the fashion-show continued, with Naomi Watts’ seductive “fallen shoulder” number grabbing plenty of attention, whilst Cate Blanchet and Ryan Reynold’s wife Blake Lively showed that they are no slouches when it comes to cutting a style either.

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