Cannes 2014 – Day 5


More Hollywood heavy-hitters arrived in town today, with the dramatic arrival in an armoured vehicle of a bunch of old-timers out for one last dose of irresponsible fun.

The ageing stellar cast of The Expendibles 3 rumbled atop two Soviet-era tanks along the busy Croisette as part of a $2million-dollar day of promotional activity for the “things exploding” class of film that features Jason Steatham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolf Lundgren, Kelsey Grammar, Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson. The latter was sporting a fashionably huge beard, while the undoubted leader of the bunch Sylvester Stallone was ready with the quotes, including “When your ass falls off, then it’s time to retire!” Given the quantity of plastication he has put himself through, it’s a distinct possibility.

Elsewhere, the premier of “Saint Laurent” – the second of two biopics out this year on the life of couturier Yves Saint Laurent – was the gala evening event, while it was also time for the premier of “The Homesman” – Tommy Lee Jones’ directorial turn, which is showing in competition.

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