Cannes 2015 – Day 8


20 May 2015, Cannes, France, France --- Paris Hilton / CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2015 - De Grisogono DevineDinner Party im Hotel du Cap Eden Roc in Antibes am 19.05.2015 / Foto: Brauer Photos (c) J.Reetz --- Image by © BrauerPhotos © J.Reetz/Sabine Brauer Photos/Corbis

Either the photographers are getting bolder or the stars are getting progressively more hammered as the week goes on. With a seemingly ubiquitous Paris Hilton on a focused journey of self-promotion, anything’s possible.

In any case, there’s talk of this year’s festival being a vintage one, with a wide-ranging choice of high-quality films from a very cosmopolitan mix of countries too. There are some disappointments too – most notably US director (and former Palme d’Or winner) Gus Van Sant’s much-anticipated “Sea of Trees”.

And there is always controversy and scandal. One of the main providers was Gaspar Noé. The Argentine-born French-based film director is no stranger to controversy. His 2002 film “Irreversible” was as famous for its visceral and shocking scenes as it was for its unique approach of showing the scenes of the story in reverse order.

His latest film “Love” attempts to break more barriers, cataloguing a youthful love affair with scenes (and a promotional poster) that leave nothing to the imagination.

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