Holiday for Hollande, but Where’s his Julie?


On the holiday programme for the French Head of State: a visit to former president Jacques Chirac in the Corrèze and a few days of switching off from presidential duties. Finally a chance for the first public appearance of the Hollande/Gayet couple?

While PM Manuel Valls‘ ministers are requested to take short holidays and within two hours from Paris, the President of the Republic has come up with a more bespoke break. A single man (on paper at least), François Hollande has never even come close to officially acknowledging his relationship with actress Julie Gayet. Whilst last summer’s holiday took place in total secret (and without Valérie Trierweiler) in Greece, this year the French president surely won’t have to pretend any more…

Apart from a few days at the Lanterne (a secondary residence where his ex Valérie Trierweiler recuperated after her hospitalisation in January), President Hollande is planning to got to Corrèze – his fiefdom – in the context of a short visit to Jacques Chirac, according to brash news channel BFM TV.

One would surely expect him to have spared a few days to spend with Julie Gayet. In fact, as gossip magazine Closer reveals in its latest edition, the Head of State has freed up 10 days of bliss to spend with his belle. Meanwhile, the question of official recognition of the relationship and/or marriage remains mute. In response to several media who have been speculating wildly on a wedding date of the 12th of August, François Hollande replied glibly:

“The 12th of August will be my birthday and nothing else. You can bring me a present if you like! No need for sweets and flowers.” Ironic words from the resolute bachelor who has never yet been married, despite having had a family with former companion Ségolène Royal.

However, a rare public appearance by the couple is still not off the cards: In Mougins in a secondary residence of Hollande. Or maybe at the Château de Berrac in the Gers department, the Gayet residence where the president went on a “private visit” last summer to meet Julie’s parents, according to Closer.

Even if François has never felt the need to declare himself before the mayor (there is a famous photo of his terrified expression when Ségolène Royal suggested the notion of marriage before the cameras), he could at least try to reassure Ms Gayet after the multiple rumours that have erupted recently, linking him romantically to several women – most notably former journalist Nathalie Iannetta or his new Culture and Communications advisor Audrey Azoulay.

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