Hollande is a “Boor” and a “Coward”, according to Marceau


In an interview with GQ Magazine the actress “doesn’t ask” the French president “take a vow of abstinence” but he could, she says “put it aside a while”

46-year-old beauty Sophie Marceau is something of an institution in France. Since her early teens, she has been in the public eye, having starred in the 1980 teen hit “La Boum” (The Party).

Now 47 and married to “Highlander” star Christophe Lambert, Marceau is perhaps best known to Irish audiences for her English-speaking roles in films such as “The World is not Enough” and “Braveheart”.

When asked about her views on the current regime in France, Marceau let fly at President Hollande about his relationship with fellow-actress Julie Gayet, as revealed by gossip magazine Closer:

“He has mistresses and when people know about it, he refuses to talk about it,” said the actress. “A guy that behaves like that with women is no more than a boor,” she said regretfully.

“And then to be unfaithful to his wife for a year and a half while he’s President of the Republic…! It’s five years, one mandate. He’s not being asked to take a vow of abstinence either, but I think that he could put all that aside for a bit,” says Marceau, who voted for Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007.

Sophie Marceau, who says that she has “never voted” for the socialist, “has the impression” that François Hollande “mixes everything up a little”. “I wanted to like him a little bit, to tell myself that he’s not all that bad. But now I just think – what a coward!”

Here comments are already causing a storm across the internet in France. Marceau is not one known for talking out on politics. “I’m going to get lynched again for sure,” is what she said in 2009 after her last pronouncements on the body politic.

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