Irish Skiers Answering the Call of the Alps


Tour operators are reporting a further spike in activity after more heavy falls of snow across Europe

The fresh influx of snow over the last week has made for some superb skiing conditions in Europe’s winter resorts, with France getting more than their fair share of the white stuff.

The slow start to the season that saw events cancelled in some cases is well and truly over now as over 50cm of snow fell last Monday across the French resorts. In two of the most popular resorts – Alpe d’Huez and La Plagne – the snow continued to fall in the interim and there is even more snow forecast again in the coming days.

This is currently peak season for ski tour operators and virtually all slopes are now open and busy on the windfall snowfalls. There are still very good bargains this season, with Crystal Ski offering great offers for anyone looking to go as early as the 21st of February.

A word of warning too: with heavy snowfalls, the risk of avalanche increases and the suddenness and volume of snow has resulted in a number of fatalities this season, with 3 more in the last week in the French Alps. Skiers are advised to heed to number-coded avalanche warnings and remain on-piste.

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