Man Dies in Paris After Being Pushed into the Seine


A random act or a reprisal after an altercation? Police investigators aren’t ruling out any possibilities at this point

A 30-something man died early on Wednesday morning after being pushed into the Seine while he was urinating on a quayside in Paris, according to police sources. On Wednesday morning around 3am, the victim was at the Quai François-Mauriac, opposite François-Mitterrand Library in the 13th arrondissement of the French capital. According to witnesses, a group of four or five people approached him.

“One of them pushed him when he had his back turned to them and he fell into the Seine,” said the same police source. The group then fled the scene.

Alerted by witnesses, the river brigade of the Paris Préfecture de Police arrived on the scene and managed to recover the lifeless body of the victim who was pronounced dead a few minutes later. A random act or a reprisal after an altercation of some sort? At this point, the investigators from the 3rd judicial police district to whom the case is allocated, are not ruling out “any hypothesis”. The case is similar to one that occurred on the 15th of June last, when another man died after being pushed into the River Seine following a brawl under the Carroussel Bridge in the 1st arrondissement.

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