Natural Swimming Pool from Brittany for Lourdes


Breton marine specialists Seimi come up with a miraculous idea for Lourdes

This was the third time that the Brest-based company installed a new form of public swimming pool – for the local authorities in Lourdes. The pool was was installed on the lake in the town at the foot of the Pyrenees famous for its Marian Shrine that draws millions of visitors and pilgrims every year.

Thanks to the recyclable and non-petrifying plastic product Lupolen, the pool was set up in less than a week, using building techniques that work more like Lego than the traditional bricks-and-mortar approach.

“We were able to incorporate the experience we gleaned from working on the swimming pools at Cahors and Le Gosier,” says Seimi Director of Operations Philippe Gérard. “We already used Lupolen for the pontoon in Bertheaume.”

Seimi specialises in marine construction and works with a lot of boatyards. The ground-breaking swimming-pool end of their business is a growing sideline.

“As time goes on, the sideline sometimes becomes the mainstream. In the current context, this sort of activity has allowed us to bounce back after a difficult year,” added Gérard, whose company employs 28 people.

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