Rhône Wine Week Kicks off in Dublin


Flushed with the success of last year’s event, Rhône Wine Week is back this November, promoting the wines of the Rhône Valley and bringing a little bit of French warmth in the darkening days

Specialist wine importers Tyrell & Co Ltd., in conjunction with the French state body dedicated to promoting Rhône Valley wines started the idea 12 months ago. This year, a number of other wine importers are getting in on the act, including James Nichoslson Wine Merchant and Findlaters, according to Emma Tyrell of Tyrell and Company.

The even kicks off today with the Big Rhône Quiz at Medley on Drury Street in Dublin. This will be a festive event with the opportunity for the winning team to win a trip to the Rhône Valley next March for the Découvertes event.

But no matter where you are in Ireland, you’re not far from one of the great events organised in celebration of one of the greatest wine growing areas of the greatest wine-producing country in the world. Galway, Limerick, Cork, Belfast and Donegal are all involved this year, with dinners, tastings, discounts and more on offer.

For further details, click on the official website rhonewineweekinireland.com.

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