Scant Mention of Irish Bailout End


As many newspapers in Ireland are devoting several pages to the third anniversary of the initially-denied Bailout and our exit (in principle at least) from it, cynics amongst you may draw some satisfaction from the fact that there is scant mention of it in the French press

Landmark newspaper Le Monde leads with stories from the troubled Central African Republic, where more than 1,600 French troops are currently stationed fighting a seemingly Quixotic battle to establish law and order. There’s no mention of Ireland’s historic bail-out end, but (perhaps tellingly) they do run a story on Iceland, where an even deeper financial crisis has been dealt with in a far different manner: another three bankers were jailed this week for fraudulent activity during their financial crash.

Le Parisien has no mention either. It did mention the Irish situation in an article from a few days ago which asked about the crisis that was to come “after the crisis”.

In Le Figaro or super-local newspaper Ouest France, there is no mention of an event that is being hailed by the current Irish government as an historic occasion. History can be a very subjective thing.

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