Secondary School used as Adult Film Location


A secondary school in the Oise department of France recently received publicity of the wrong kind when it featured in a pornographic film

The town of Compiègne is situated close to where both the 1918 armistice that ended the First World War and the treaty in 1940 that effectively marked the official surrender of France to Germany in the Second World War were both signed.

Recently, one of its secondary schools – the Lycée Mireille Grenet – made the headlines for very different reasons when the school unwittingly played a key role in an erotic film production. The low-budget skin flick was aired on adult film site “Jacquie et Michel” last month and its notoriety ensured that it scored over two million hits within a week of being posted.

The film in question features the physical amorous antics of a young lady name Karina (pictured above) who works as a supervisor in a secondary school. Even though the name of the school is never mentioned in the film, pupils of the Lycée Mireille Grenet were quick to recognise their alma mater and to alert its headmaster Philippe Koszyk.

“The online buzz around this affair is not a positive one for the school, which has already had a bad reputation for some time,” said Mr Koszyk. “We’ve done a lot of work recently to help rehabilitate its image and thanks to this video, all the efforts made might well be in vain.”

While some students find the situation a little amusing, the parents and most of the students themselves want to “establish the truth” according to the headmaster. In order to undo some of the damage done, therefore, Mr Koszyk has called on the legal services of the education board and is currently trying to establish “how this business can be brought to justice.”

To the chagrin of the headmaster, “the law doesn’t seem to hold much by way of solutions” in this particular case, according to Mme Valérie Piau – an educational law specialist. She says that a law suit would have been much less complicated if the video had been filmed on school grounds: “There would have been intrusion and therefore trespassing. In the case as it stands, the film-makers remained in front of the school, so no trespass was committed.”

According to the lawyer, this situation poses questions regarding the protection of students on the outskirts of educational establishments.

“Certain procedures are in place in order to protect students from shocking behaviour,” she says. “Article 6 of the Law of the 5th of March 2007 forbids, for example, the setting up of an establishment or business whose activity is the sale or the making available to the public any item of a pornographic nature within 200 metres of an educational establishment.”

Ms Piau goes on to point out that the lycée Mireille-Grenet affair “legally more complex”: “The pornographic video was filmed on the sly, without any student being present. It makes a legal suit difficult to envisage, therefore.”

The only legal route left to the school, according to the lawyer, is to take a civil case, in order to “ask for reparations for the attack on the reputation of the establishment and an attack on good morals.”

Philippe Koszy, meanwhile, says that he wants to go further and is still looking into alternative legal routes: “On the video, there is a person who presents herself as a supervisor, even though she never worked in our school. It seems to me, therefore, that there is a way in here, because we’re surely dealing with a form of identity theft or misrepresentation.”

The headmaster may be clutching at straws or there may well be a case to answer for the producers of “Jacquie et Michel”. Mr Koszy also points out that the porn pedlars also claim that everything on their site is real, “which is not the case here because the young lady that you see in the video is not a supervisor in our establishment.”

These accusations of misrepresentation seemed to have been taken seriously by the website creators, who responded on Twitter by saying “She is for real. Sometimes, we don’t show the actual place where these things happen and we remain vague about such details specifically to avoid situations such as this…”

It’s doubtful whether that will suffice to quell the swell of anger being felt by most at the school. Meanwhile, maybe the producers of “Jacquie et Michel” have found a new way of getting plenty of free publicity.

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