Ségolène Royal Denies Ministerial Plunging Neckline Ban


The new Ecology Minister poo-poos suggestions of a sexing-down dress code in her ministry

According to a report in today’s edition of LE POINT, Ségolène Royal has imposed a dress code on the Ministry of Ecology. The magazine claimed that the former partner of President François Hollande and mother of his four children had issued an edict for her staff, saying that a “respectable attire was required of female personnel, with a ‘total ban on décolletés‘”

The claim was quickly refuted by the Minister herself on Twitter during the course of the morning. (see Tweet below),

saying: “I deny, of course, the ridiculous rumour concerning the banning of low necklines in the ministry.”

Le Point continued with its list of other activities proscribed by the Minister, including “smoking in the yard and in the garden in her presence; forbidding the use of the corridor adjacent while she eats in the dining room because of nuisance noises…” The Minister for Ecology also wanted to impose what the magazine termed “le co-working“, meaning that no office was to be wastefully occupied by one sole person (apart from her own).

Amongst the other new habits the magazine attributes to Ms Royal is one where she will “walk through the corridors of the Ministry preceded by an usher who will announce her imminent presence, so that personnel will be able to rise to attention as she passes.”

Questioned on the subject of the plunging neckline on Europe 1 radio, Social Affairs and Health Minister Marisol Touraine said that in her ministry “all the women and all the men have a sense of purpose particular to them and they spontaneously adopt respectable attire… However,” the minister added with a smile, “during the summer, the odd low neckline doesn’t pose any problems.”

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