Top Ten of Places to Live and Work in France


There’s a disparity between small-town life and city life in France and whatever about the overall economic climate, it’s in the cities that most of the dynamism is to be found

According to a poll by the American-born institute Great Place to Work, the top cities in which to live and work are Bordeaux (pictured above), Toulouse and Montpelier. Considering that Nantes – a city so attractive that 10,000 additional people per year come to to work there – is out of the top 3, one can see that competition is tight.

Bordeaux is, apparently, the best city in France in which to work and to live. The Gironde capital convinced 39% of those polled that they would love to work there, while 37% of them expressed a wish to live in Bordeaux.

Toulouse also scored 39% on the scale of quality of living conditions for those wishing to work there but only 32% of respondents said that they would like to live there. The southern seaside town of Montpelier has always been a popular place and it comes in 3rd overall in the popularity league and in 2nd place when it comes to people who want to live there.

The tables below show the top ten places to live in France, as well as the top ten places to work in France



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