Brigitte Bardot’s Parisian Duplex for Sale at €6,000,000


Estate agents Barnes opens the doors of an apartment occupied by BB and her (then) husband Günter Sachs during the 1960s

Even in the super-chic 16th arrondissement of Paris, a six-million-euro property is rare enough to attract plenty of attention. But when it’s also an apartment that once belonged to one of the greatest sex-symbols in the world, then it really gets people talking.

Luxury property outfit Barnes has just put the former conjugal dwelling of Brigitte Bardot and Günter Sachs on the market. The two were married for a brief period of their lives from 1966 to 1969 and lived in this roomy 400m2 duplex apartment in the Muette quarter, very close to Rue de Passy and the Jardins de Ranelagh.

The property, which contains three bedrooms and as many bathrooms, has many quirky rooms, such as the 55m2 garden on the top floor, onto which opens a kitchen/diner with its completely renovated American bar.

“It really is a unique property that is completely unexpected when you enter this classic Haussmann building from 1902. You’re transported into another world entirely; one as sumptuous as it is mysterious.” So says the Barnes brochure

Fans of the legendary couple (Sachs was the starlet’s third husband and came from a wealthy Bavarian family) will find the bar completely unchanged since the 1960s, in the billiard room under a glass canopy, as well as “décor done unchanged in spirit from the original 1960s design”. Indeed, Günter Sachs, who was the grandson of the founder of car manufacturer Opel, remained the owner for a long time afterwards – only selling it to the current owners about ten years ago.

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