Johnny Hallyday’s Chalet up for €9.2 million


Located in the millionaires’ paradise that is the resort of Gstaad, France’s dinosaur of rock is selling “Chalet Jade” that he bought in 2006

If you’ve spent any amount of time in France over the last 50 years, then you’ll surely have come across the rasping sound of Johnny Hallyday. He’s France’s equivalent to Elvis Presley, Joe Dolan and Daniel O’Donnell all rolled into one persona.

He divides his time between France, Switzerland and the USA (where the huge star lives in complete obscurity for much of the year) but is now in the process of selling his fine home in the land of cowbells and numbered bank accounts for an asking price of 9.975 million Swiss Francs (about €9.2 million).

Situated high above the chic ski resort town of Gstaad, the property is for sale since December last but no takers have been found as yet. Selling agent Thomas Geiser of Cardis Sotheby’s confirmed that “we are trying to be as discreet as possible and we haven’t spoken about it up to now. But Johnny Hallyday isn’t trying to keep it a secret… it’s a very beautiful property – very comfortable without being too bling-bling. I have regular viewings and the clients who are interested in this kind of thing adore it. There is demand for this kind of property in Gstaad – micro-market that caters for the a very well off clientele, where the right kind of property is rare.”

As for the reasons why Hallyday is selling at the moment, one can only speculate as he has made no public declaration on the subject. One thing is certain: with the recent rise in the value of the Swiss franc against the euro, he stands to gain almost €900,000 profit on his investment if it sells for the current asking price.

The French singer had already ceased to be a Swiss tax resident since 2013 and is now (from a fiscal point of view) based in Los Angeles in the United States. The “Chalet Jade” has 9 rooms, three balconies and two terraces with a combined generous floor space of 320m2. Hallyday is due to celebrate his 72nd birthday this year. With a career spanning over 55 years, he is one of the biggest-selling singing stars of all time, with some 80 million record sales to his credit.

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