All Aboard! International Travel Returns


At long last it's here and Brittany Ferries are among the first to feel the 'new wave' of Irish visitors to France.

After much hand-wringing over a no-longer-novel virus, so-called non-essential international travel reopens today for Irish people who have their EU Digital Covid Certificate. Brittany Ferries has been urging holidaymakers to factor in the many good reasons why ferry travel is the best option for travelling abroad this summer. The company, whose main passenger service in­ Ireland operates from Cork to Roscoff, says booking numbers are looking positive with over 600 passengers due to travel from Cork on flagship cruise ferry, Pont-Aven on Saturday, 24th July but there is still plenty of availability for anyone looking to get away this summer.

“We want to remind people of all the great reasons to travel by ferry this summer,” said Hugh Bruton, Brittany Ferries General Manager for Ireland. “Taking the ferry means there’s no need to mingle in a busy terminal building, or arrivals hall, alongside passengers from multiple destinations. Drive on-board in your own car, then head straight to a cabin which is fed by fresh sea air. Step outside on deck, visit a bar, restaurant or shop, and do so while social distancing in safety and comfort. This is the modern ferry experience and it’s why we urge everyone to consider a sail-and-stay holiday in 2021.”

Roscoff offers a gateway to north west France and Brittany Ferries stresses that anyone concerned about holidaying in big cities or busy resorts, should be reassured that you will not be arriving in population centres, but rural regions characterised by sweeping beaches, coastal paths and ancient forests.

Brittany Ferries has lots of last-minute options for holidaymakers looking to get away from it all this summer. For example:

1. Couples gite holiday in Brittany: From €844

Five-night stay in a beautiful gite in Sizun, Brittany

For a couple travelling with their car, departing Cork to Roscoff at 16:00 on Saturday 21st August. After a five-night stay, returning Roscoff to Cork at 22:15 on Friday 27th August

2 adults, car and on board 2 berth accommodation included.

2. Family chalet camping in Brittany:  From €1,148

Five nights’ family chalet camping at Village La Baie de Douarnenez, Brittany

For a family of four travelling with their car, departing Cork to Roscoff at 16:00 on Saturday 21st August. After a five-night stay, returning Roscoff to Cork at 22:15 on Friday 27th August

2 adults, 2 children, car and on board 4 berth accommodation included.

The full range of Brittany Ferries 2021 holiday packages are now available to browse online at:

In Ireland, Brittany Ferries sails from Cork-Roscoff; Rosslare-Cherbourg; and Rosslare-Bilbao.

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