Summer in the Ardennes


Charleville Plage Ducale (Photo_D.Truillard)

Summer’s coming and on quiet corner of France is offering its visitors plenty of ways to enjoy the summer months

From the wide-open spaces of its Regional Park’s lakes and forests, to simply enjoying the cool and refreshing flavour of the “Beer Capital” of France, The French Ardennes is currently highlighting why this is such an ideal time of the year to spend time in its great outdoors.

Ardennes beer was once world-renowned. And while it no longer produced in the quantity it was, visitors to The French Ardennes these days will find a strong revival in the art of brewing local ale – as well as a great reason for arriving in the region’s capital, Charleville-Mézières, from June 3 to 5. That’s when a Beer Festival will be held in grand style to pay tribute to the region’s range of cooling bitters and lagers. For further details, click here Fête de la Bière 2017.

Later in the summer, an artificial beach will once again be installed in the famous Renaissance square of Charleville-Mézières – La Place Ducale. Inspired, no doubt, by the success of Paris Plage, the beach will be open daily, complete with sand, deck chairs and palm trees and will be free for everyone to enjoy for a full month. During that time, visitors can enjoy beach volleyball, badminton, beach-soccer, table tennis, mini-golf, water games, pétanque, zumba, and other summertime activities. In a seasonal play on words, “Plage Ducale” will be in place from July 22 to August 20. For more details, click here.

Summer then continues with the eco-friendly and highly eclectic music festival, Cabaret Vert from August 24 to 27. Named after a poem written by one of France’s best known poets, Arthur Rimbaud who was born in the region, Cabaret Vert might be off the beaten track, but it is nevertheless on the rise as one of Northern Europe’s best festivals, featuring both new and established artists, as well as street art and cinema.

Suitable accommodation for a summertime stay include campsites, yurts, gypsy caravans, tree houses and gîtes – all of which now rub shoulders with cosy B&Bs, hotels and chateaux..

A fine example of the kind of accommodation best suited for summer is a Wellness Village – Kotas Nordic Spirit – which opened in an unspoilt valley within The French Ardennes, close to the village of Ferme de Flamanville.

Featuring four comfortable log cabins of Nordic origin, the village is located next to a small lake and will now host wellness breaks for anyone visiting this secluded part of northern France.

Each one of the four Finnish kotas also has its own pontoon by the lake for fishing and relaxation. Llama, donkeys and other animals add to the charm of the place. While the wellness area itself includes a spa and a traditional Finnish sauna, the kota grills offer the chance to relax further with an evening barbecue.

Open all year, prices start from 125 Euros for 2 people per night, including breakfast. Access to the kota grill, the spa and sauna, and a small entertainment room are also included in the price. For further details about the Wellness Village, click here.

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