MyFrenchFilmFestival – Bringing the Magic of ‘Le Cinéma’ into your Lives for over a Decade


With two weeks left to run, it’s not too late to let the world’s greatest film industry bring some winter sunshine to your life

The MyFrenchFilmFestival was conceived for the Internet age – an online virtual event that showcased some of the best in contemporary French cinema. The continuing misery of the great global Lockdown, however, means that it’s a ready-made Covid-era cure for the blues.

On the 15th of January last, the MyFrenchFilmFestival kicked off for the 11th year running. Once again, the festival features some of the best films known to mankind in a festival with the accent on the contemporary scene which speaks of a film sector still flexing its extraordinary creative muscle. The organisers are Unifrance; France’s pro-active state organisation that sells French cinema to the world.

Take “Vif Argent” (which translates as “Quicksilver” but whose English-language title somehow ended up as “Burning Ghost”) as an example. This haunting film marks the feature debut of 53-year-old Parisian Stéphane Batut – a man who has worked as casting director on numerous prestigious projects (Read the full interview with Stéphane here), including the superb biopic of Serge Gainsbourg as well as the upcoming feature Benedetta by veteran Dutch master Paul Verhoeven.

This year’s festival is based around a series of themes, each with an English-language title. The eleven feature films and twenty short films are classified according to the following themes: Forever Young, Crazy Loving Families, True Heroines, French Ghost Stories, On the Road, Love is Love, Kids Corner and New Horizons.

You can watch them streamed to your laptop, phone or smart television. While the short films are free of charge, the feature films are €1.99 each to watch. You can also buy the entire package for the very smart price of €7.99 (instead of €21.89).

The festival runs until the 15th of February so don’t hang around and start filling the cinematic void in your heart today!

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