French People’s Growing Distaste for Taste of Green in Government


Similar to how we in Ireland developed a distaste for pure green policy under the FF/Green/PD coalition of 2007-2010, The French public too are growing increasingly irritated by the green deals.

The most unpopular of all ministers in the current increasingly unpopular government is Green Party Minister Cécile Duflot. According to a survey published in Le Parisien last week, almost three quarters of the French public (74%) have a bad opinion of her, with only 24% of those polled having anything positive to say about her.

When asked if they would like to see the back of the government coalition party had has introduced some of the most disliked ecologically-based taxes in a time of economic crisis, 54% of the French public said “Oui!”.

Those who vote for the right were even more dismissive of the beleaguered Duflot. Unsurprisingly, 92% of that section have a poor opinion of her, but they are joined by almost half of the left-wing voters (47%) in wishing her gone from government.

The Minister for Territorial Equality and Housing is the least popular political personality amongst the 12 proposed in the survey. Dashing no-nonsense Interior Minister Manuel Valls is the most popular according to the poll.

The public don’t think much of her record in office either, with 69% of them finding that she was a “bad minister” and 69% of them also agreeing with the statement that she was “a handicap” for the government, with only 26% saying that she was an advantage.

When asked to comment on her personality, people in the survey really began to let fly with their thoughts on a woman they described as “overly ambitious”(60%), “too personal” (63%), “uncontrollable” (55%), “arrogant” (52%) and “sectarian” (51%), with only a minority of 36% believing that she “knows where she’s going” and 30% seeing her competent.

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