Irish Sealing Deals at MipCom in Cannes


MipCom is one of the many annual junkets that take place throughout the year in Cannes and it also happens to be the biggest TV & entertainment market in the world.

This year’s event has just ended and amongst the 13,000 participants are 40 Irish companies hoping to have done some serious business at the event. Ardmore Studios, Brownbag Films, RTE and TG4 are amongst the Irish contingent, many of whom are attending under the auspices of “Ireland on Screen” – an initiative of the Irish Film Board and Enterprise Ireland that aims to promote the Irish film and entertainment industry.

YouTube have been making some waves at the event this year, with its Global Head of Content Robert Kyncl announcing that the American company planned to invest in 60 new channels in Europe, saying that the operation had “moved from second to third gear and will remain in third gear for a couple of years because that’s what it takes to build big channels… After that we will look to supercharge the channels which have proven the most successful and then it will be full-throttle ahead.”

Where Exactly?

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1 Reply to “Irish Sealing Deals at MipCom in Cannes”

  1. Martin Roche says:

    Did you see that Michael Flatley (faith * begorrah) is going into business with Harvey Weinstein announced there too?

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