Make Love or Cuisine – That is the Question.


During inclement weather, French prefer to get hot and steamy over a cassoulet rather than with their nearest and dearest, according to a recent survey in France.

The question put to respondents in the poll was: “If it’s not nice outside, what do you do?” It was asked of a sample of 3,500 French consumers and more than 12,000 Facebook users – all customers and Facebook followers of a certain French kitchen supplies brand.

Although the fact that it was a leading kitchen brand that asked the question, the answers given might still be surprising to anyone with the traditional notion of the French as great lovers. For the record, here’s how the sizeable sample responded:

When it’s raining outside, I like to…

1. go to the kitchen and cook something nice to eat (62.15%
2. veg out in front of the telly (27.8%)
3. linger on in the scratcher for a romantic siesta (7.35%)
4. get out the rain gear and face the elements (2.7%)

84% of respondents were women, 16% were male and 60% were from the Paris region. So it seems that when low pressure descends upon Paris, the libido of the young female population drops accordingly. Given our propensity for rain in Ireland, let’s hope this isn’t contagious.

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