Paris Terror Attacks – Images from Dark Night in Paris + Latest Updates


14 Nov 2015, Paris, France --- Paris, France. 14th November 2015 -- People hidden by police in the basement of a bar during a moment of tension, when police had to empty the streets. The bar is located in the area where the terrorist attacks took place in Paris. -- French Government has closed the borders and mobilized the military, as President François Hollande declared a State of Emergency after at least 6 terrorist bombing and shooting attacks in Paris, the most deadly happening in a popular concert hall. --- Image by © Cesar Dezfuli/Demotix/Corbis

The President of the French Republic François Hollande has declared three days of national mourning in the wake of attacks that have left 128 people dead so far. The terrorist group known referred to as Daech or ISIS claimed responsibility for the mass-murder at various sites in Paris and at the Bataclan Theatre

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Latest Updates on an Evolving Situation:

President Hollande announces extension of state of emergency to 3 months
Over 150 arrests have been made across France today (Monday, 16.11.15) in several towns, including Bobigny, Toulouse and Grenoble. In a statement this morning, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that during searches in the Lyon area, a “war arsenal” was found that included a rocket launcher, bullet-proof vests, several pistols and a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

French military reacts with a heavy aerial bombardment in the Daech fiefdom of Raqqa in Syria. “The first objective destroyed was used as a command post, Jihadist recruitment centre and arms depot,” said French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian. “The second target contained a terrorist training camp.” The French are believed to be in full preparation for further action in the region in conjunction with the Americans.

At least three of the killers were French nationals. The brother of one of the suicide terrorists is still at large, having managed to cross the border back into Belgium. To date, 5 of the suicide killers have been identified, with the latest 2 being confirmed by police on the morning of the 16th of November: one was a Syrian-born national whose passport was found next to his decimated body outside the Stade de France. The other – one of the Bataclan murderers – was born in Paris in 1987. From the NE suburb of Drancy, the public prosecutor’s office has have confirmed that he was the subject of an international arrest warrant for association with terrorists. Three members of his family were arrested on Monday.

The wanted notice of 21-year-old Brussels-born Abdeslam Salah urges people not to approach the "dangerous individual"

The wanted notice of 21-year-old Brussels-born Abdeslam Salah urges people not to approach the “dangerous individual”

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