Tree Crushes Car on Wide Parisian Boulevard


Tree-lined Parisian boulevards are all very well and romantic, except when a metre-thick tree crushes your car

It all ended with nobody being hurt. While a driver was motoring along one of Paris’ beautiful tree-lined boulevards in his Mercedes on a balmy summers evening around 9pm on Monday, his progress was suddenly halted by a tree falling and crushing the rear of his car. Fortunately, there were no back-seat passengers and the driver and front-seat passenger emerged totally unscathed.

“Nobody was injured,” confirmed a spokesman for the Paris fire brigade, who were quickly on the scene near Bonne Nouvelle metro station on the border of the 2nd, 9th and 10th arrondissements. The reason why the tree decided to fall is still not known as efforts were concentrated on clearing the street of fallen tree and crushed car.

Many witnesses were also on the scene, photographing and tweeting this unusual sight to the world, with one of them saying that there was “a little bit of wind” just before the tree fell.

Where Exactly?

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