A “Happy” Tour of French Cities

After Ireland and Germany set the trend, France got into its groove to highlight some of their cities to the music of Pharrell Williams.

Here are the top 15 efforts from France. Scroll down, explore and tap your feet…

1. Paris (see above): Parisians shake their thing in the metro, in front of the Centre Pompidou, the Eiffel Tower and other well-known landmarks.

2. Lyon: Dancers around France’s second city include famous chef Christian Têtedoie and Miss Rhône-Alpes 2013

3. Nice: 67 people took part in the version for the Cote d’Azur capital on the Promenade des Anglais and Place Masséna.

4. Toulouse: Two brothers were the instigators of the version for the Ville Rose, using the talents of 52 people

5. Marseilles: A gang of 160 participated in the Happy dance for the City of Culture 2013.

6. Angers: Hundreds of citizens shake their collective booty in from of the Museum the Musée des beaux-Arts and the David-d’Angers Gallery

7. Nantes: One of France’s most-loved cities brings out the Happy in all of us.

8. Perpignan: The Perpignan Happy video takes you through the Place de la République, Pace Arago and the main train station, amongst other landmarks of the Catalan city.

9. Rennes: Breton capital goes along with the global crazy of Happy-ness.

10. Saint-Etienne: Saint Stephen’s city of the once-brilliant football club getting groovy.

11. Bordeaux: This video brings you from one bank of the Gironde to the other in the elegant city.

12. Metz: City on the eastern side of France has not escaped Pharrell William’s positive vibes.

13. Bastia: Over in Corsica, Happy-ness brings us through the street of the regional capital.

14. Strasbourg: Some local famous personalities get involved in this one, including Miss Alsace 2013 Laura Strubel and soccer star Axel Toupane.

15. Martinique: The overseas department lends some Caribbean warmth to proceedings.

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