Markets: Gers – Samatan


About 50km SW of Toulouse, the village of Samatan is home to about 2,500 people. Where the Gascon community punches well above its weight however, is in its famous foie gras market.

If you’re a fan of foie gras then this market is an absolute must for your travel bucket list. Every Monday morning, Gascon merchants descend on the town of Samatan armed with raw foie gras. This market is easily one of the most important foie gras markets in all of France and is a Mecca for many French people in search of the perfect foie gras for the Christmas dinner table.

The market is held both indoors in Les Halles as well as spilling out onto the square. On average, some 5 tonnes of animals and 500kg of foie gras (both goose and duck) are on offer. During the peak season from October to December, these figures reach 20 tonnes and 2 tonnes respectively and up to 200 vendors.

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